Share your secret weapon to success with your friends.

Busy people have busy friends. Share the power of FreeKiShopping with your friends, family and colleagues and earn credit!

Step 1: Register & Activate

Register on our site and activate your account

Step 2: Start Posting

After Registration , start posting unique and best deals on our site.

Step 3: Earn

You will earn 50% of every sale we get through the deals posted by you.

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What you get when you post deals?? Money + Comments Just comments


When will I see my credit?
You will see your credits once we get sales validation from the merchant.

Is there a maximum limit to the amount I can earn?
Nope, never. We want to meet your whole busy crew and reward you for every sale.

I forgot to introduce my friend who signed up. Can I still receive a credit?
Absolutely. and we'll make sure you both receive the appropriate credit.

Can I give my credit to my friend?
Yes. If you'd prefer to gift your friend your earned credit, just let the our Team know and we'll make it happen!

When can i ask for payout?
You can ask for payout once you reach a threshold limit of Rs 1000.

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